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Oru Rathri Oru Pakal


An intruder, in his mobile shoots the scene of a pair of lovers hugging on a beach. He tries to blackmail them. The film is around the theme of hegemonic sexual morality’s potential to determine the nature of relationships and its intervention in personal relationships. The film does not attempt to tell a story. Three shots of three situations are there.

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In day time a pair of lovers get into a house that was deserted in flood. She has left her home because the news of the affair led into a conflict at home. And he is not in a condition to start a life with her. Slowly they move toward the reeds on the river there the affects of Nature and human drives face each other.

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WithHer is the second film of Prathap Joseph. This movie centers on the interior life of a girl who passes through love, marriage, married life and divorce. Five Characters: a daughter, her father, mother, lover, a resident's association president carry the societal and familial images of honour and dishonour throughout life. Five characters develop in five scenes, each in a single shot with dialogues between two characters. The movie uses minimum space and limited number of characters to complete the narrative. The minimalist approach presents city and sea by the use of only sound and there is no background music in this film. An important scene in the film is inspired by the short story "Ucha Mazhzyile Thumbikal [Dragonflies in the noon rain]" written by the eminent young  Malayalam writer P V ShajiKumar


Bharathapuzha or Periyar is the longest river in kerala. Edaserry Govindan Nair wrote the poem Kuttipuram Palam [Kuttipuram Bridge] in 1954 when a bridge was built across the river. In the poem, he shared the anxieties about modernity and mechanization and foretold the death of the river and the river born culture. This film is not an adaption or a retelling of the poem, but certainly inspired by it

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