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വിത്ത്‌ (Seed)

About 'Vith'(Seed) ............ Director: Don Palathara Writers: Don Palathara and Abhilash Melethil DOP: Subal Kr Edited by: KR Midhun and Don Palathara Sound Designer and recordist: Amrith Shankar Sound Mixer: Ragesh Narayanan Music : Basil CJ Publicity Design Dileep Daz Colourist: Vijayakumar CV Assistant Camera : Vinu Kolichal Assistant Sound: Adarsh Joseph Palamattam Director's assistants: Sameen Salim and Shibin Shibin ....... Joseph, a religious farmer from a rural village of central travancore leads an orderly, peaceful life until his son returns home leaving his job. Jose, the son is not as keen as his father in finding himself a regular job. The film studies the two characters and the difference in their approaches to life itself. While Vith is a story of a father and a son at the outer most layer, It is a visual representation of how a religious system overpower individual freedom. The slow pace is intentionally placed in order to make the audience experience the life in the rural Kerala. Vith is also a representation of the biblical parable of The Sower. Design Anand Pottekkat 

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