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ശവം (Shavam)

Shavam is a feature length experimental film that explores the behaviour of a group of people gathered at a funeral. The plot is set up at a middle class catholic family in rural Kerala. There are friends, neighbours and relatives of Thomas Ittikkora gathered for the pre-funeral ceremonies at his home. As the camera travels through the various characters, it reveals the lack of sincerity that’s present in many of them. From a group of men using the situation to have a few drinks to the priest who blames the dead person for not giving money to the church, the film attempts to point a finger at the hypocrisy that’s innate in almost all characters. Shavam is an attempt to communicate through cinema without the use of a story. Key Cast: Francis C Abraham, Reju Pillai, Athira M S, Pradeep Kumar, Baiju Balan, Jayashankar Ramaswamy. Crew: Writer/Director: Don Palathara Producers: Aneesh Chacko, Shijo K George, Molly Chacko Camera: Prathap Joseph Location Sound: Sandeep Kurissery, Jiji Joseph Sound mixing: Sandeep Kurissery, Jiji Joseph, Shiju Ediyatheril Editing: Shanavas Naranippuzha 

Music Basi CJ

Publicity Design Dileep Daz

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