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കളിപ്പാട്ടക്കാരൻ   (Toy Maker)

To suppress himself from the aching reality that his long lost childhood friend ANNA may never comeback,SEBA hides himself in a mask of his own fantasies.seba meets RADHA and slowly she become his childhood friend ANNA and the sole possessor of his TOYS.for RADHA,SEBA was an elopement from her own aching realities and she Metamorphoses herself into ANNA.SEBA finds his fantasies and realities slowly merging into one and happiness of finding his childhood friend is followed by a sorrow of loosing his beloved mother.RADHA willfully transforms herself to the dual roles of being his girlfriend ANNA and his mother at the same time.By the time both of them have their first child .They named their child 'RADHA'. One day,a dream disrupts everything.It helps radha to realise her true self.The false identity haunts Radha so that she elops from seba and her own child to be the real Radha.When seba and his daughter(child Radha)will plummet into the deep trench of solitude,another ANNA appears,from here on the movie truly treads in the planes of fantasies.At the end ANNA has to return to where she came from,but this time when she leaves she is taking a special toy that seba presented to her-his daughter RADHA. The film "kalippaattakkaaran"(TOYMAKER)tries to define solitude along with showcasing a young man's struggle for existence and survival to find his self identity. Directed by Shinos Rahman Sajas Rahman 

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