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The Slave Genesis

The documentary ‘The Slave Genesis’ deals with the social transformation of Paniya tribals, who belong to South India’s hill district of Wayanad. ‘Paniya’ literally translates to ‘worker’. These tribals—who were deployed to work in the farms of migrants (belonging to other religious sects) who trickled into Wayanad from time to time—have distinct arts and songs that reflect their identities. The prime among their songs is Penappaattu (speech of ghost), which they recite as part of funeral rituals. The song begins with the story of Paniya community’s origin. The documentary explores the social transformation of Paniyas based on the contents of Penappattu. It proceeds through the recollections (and their rectifications) of the director, who belongs to a different religious community, but has been born and brought up in close proximity to the Paniyas. Director: Aneez K Mappila Aneez K Mappila is a documentary maker from Wayanad, Kerala India. He has been active in the field since 2007 with his films depicting the dimensions of man and environmental relations and the culture. His recent film ‘Vithappad’ was selected and got applauded in several Film Festivals including the CMS Vathavaran Film Festival, New Delhi, India and the International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala. ‘The Slave Genesis’ has been completed with an effort of three and half a year among the ethnic realm of Wayanad. 

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