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അകത്തോ പുറത്തോ In Or Out

In or Out is about the inexorable flow, constant flux and endless process that Life is. Things and objects, humans, animals, insects, fishes and birds, all beings – in all forms, states and varieties, organic or inorganic, animate or inanimate, natural or manufactured, go through the process of coming into certain states of being, taking certain forms, evolve into others, transform into other shapes and states and gradually decay and degenerate; but there is decay and destruction only in the human realm of passions and emotions, memories and dreams, not in nature, where every ‘degeneration’ is a form of ‘regeneration’; what decays feeds another; what is ‘dead’ from a certain perspective is ‘fresh and nourishing’ from another. Though In that sense, life is nothing but a constant flux of states of being.. the incessant and inexorable flow of time. Time flows through everything, sculpting humans, organic and inorganic beings into forms and shapes, visible and invisible, solid, liquid, gas or plasma. The film looks at the incessant process of change that life is. It unfolds through four parts that present different the theme from different perspectives and structures of feeling. 

SUDEVAN (Director’s Profile) Born and bought from Peringode in Palakkad district, Kerala in 1975. Studied from High School Peringode and Govt. Sanscrit College Pattambi. Sudevan’s directorial debut was an ad film about the ‘Ropeway’ in Malampuzha, Kerala. In 2004 he made a short film, VAROO (Come with me). This was followed by PLANNING in 2007 and RANDU (Two) in 2009. THATTUMPORATHAPPAN (Lord of the Attic) is Sudevan’s fourth film in 2010,.Sudevan’s first feature film ‘CR NO: 89’.  

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