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നദിയുടെ മൂന്നാംകര

നദിയുടെ മൂന്നാംകര (The Third Bank of the River) Direction, Cinematography - Fowzia Fathima Editing, Music-Pradeep Cherian Sound Design, Sound Mix- Ajeesh Omanakuttan, Sound Cart Post- Man vs Machine Produced by St. Joseph's College of Communication, Changanasseri Cast Sanal Aman, Jayapalan , Sajitha Madathil, Kani Kanmani Kusruti, Abin Philip Appacheril Crew Students of SJCC The film Nadhiyude Moonam Kara is an adaptation of the short story by name 'The Third Bank of the River' by Joao Guimaraes Rosa . It is a metaphysical text much analysed and written about is in the genre of Magical Realism. In the film though, life incidents are presented in the PoV of the daughter . The expressive flow of the river and the lives of the family which is bonded to the river in an emotional link is explored cinematically. 

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