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81/2 ഇന്റർ കട്ട്സ്‌

8½ Intercuts Life and Films of KG George(Documentary) Malayalam with English subtitles/ 108mts ...... Featuring: KG. George, Mammootty, BaluMahendra, Ramachandrababu, Geethu Mohandas, Pk Nair ....... Directed by : Lijin Jose Produced by : Shibu G Suseelan, Lijin Jose Editor : B. Ajithkumar DOP : MJ Radhakrishnan, Neil D’ Cunha Co-director : Shahina KRafiq Music : Bijibal Sound Mix : Pramod Thomas ........ KG George is a master filmmaker and a true genius from Kerala, India, with a distinct filmography that staunchly depict the cross-section of the Kerala society on celluloid. This documentary is an attempt to analyse the relevance of his major films and also to understand the creative mind and unmatchable personality of KG George ........... With a trait of modern psychological approach in understanding his complex characters, KG George’s films stand apart from those of his contemporaries. No wonder, the veteran filmmaker AdoorGopalakrishnan rates him among the top three filmmakers from Kerala, India. KG George is perhaps the most versatile and most underrated filmmaker from India. ‘Swapnadanam,’ his first film, was the first of its kind in Indian cinema which used psychoanalysis and methods like narco-analysis in unravelling the mystery surrounding the protagonist of the film. No other filmmaker has depicted the nuances of the contemporary Kerala society- of almost all sections of it. His fascination for the Italian master filmmaker Federico Fellini is evident in his films and personality. The documentary ‘8½ intercuts- Life and films of KG George’ is an attempt to understand the legend that he is by examining his major films juxtaposed with his personal life. When he states with a firm conviction, “I don’t want to make films anymore,” it sadly projects the various socio-political aspects that forced a filmmaker of his calibre to sing an early swansong in the 1990s. Design Anand Pottekkat


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